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Boston Coding Boot Camp

Become a Web
Developer in 24 Weeks

Class Starts May 16th, 2017 in Boston

Contact an Admissions Advisor: (413) 345-6888


*The material covered in this course is subject to change due to market demand.

Web development is one of the fastest growing careers in today’s economy with a projected 20% growth rate by 2022.* UMass Amherst Coding Boot Camp was designed to help students develop the skills and professional network needed to capitalize on this high demand.

* Bureau of Labor Statistics.

What You Will Learn

  • Students will learn a full stack, including the skills needed to become proficient front end and back end developers.
  • Students receive career-planning assistance, including:
    • Portfolio reviews, resume and social media profile support, workshops, mock interviews, demo days, sample coding tests, and one-on-one career coaching.
    • Access to a network of Coding Boot Camp hiring partners.
    • Opportunities for internships.
  • Students will also have the opportunity to participate in hands-on learning activities with employers—experiences that often lead to full-time employment.


What Graduates Receive

  • Access to our curated network of employers looking to hire Coding Boot Camp graduates.
  • A Certificate of Completion from UMass Amherst showcasing your accomplishments to future employers.
  • A robust portfolio of projects to demonstrate your working knowledge of web development.

About UMass Amherst

The University of Massachusetts (UMASS) Amherst is the flagship public higher education campus in the Commonwealth of Massachusetts, making a profound, transformative impact to the common good. Founded in 1863, we are the largest public research university in New England distinguished by the excellence and breadth of our academic, research, and community outreach programs. The University of Massachusetts Amherst is one of the nation’s top public universities. We rank number 27 in a field of more than 700 public, four-year colleges and universities in the United States in the U.S. News & World Report’s annual college guide. Continuing & Professional Education (CPE) provides access to a superior UMass Amherst education delivered in formats and schedules that allow students to balance work, school, and personal obligations. From online learning to field-based training, we have it all.

Frequently Asked Questions

What are the dates of UMass Amherst Coding Boot Camp?
  • May 16 – November 11, 2017
Can I keep working while studying at the Coding Boot Camp?
  • Yes. The program is designed for working professionals who are actively seeking a career change.
How long is the course?
  • Students will complete the program in six months.
Do you provide career placement support?
  • Yes. We offer all of our students career support and coaching. In addition, we offer students experiential learning opportunities to strengthen their portfolio.
Do I need to have previous experience in programming before enrolling?
  • No. While having some background can help, our pre-course tutorials will get you up to speed and ready to start learning on Day 1.
What sets your boot camp apart from others I can join in Boston or elsewhere?
  • We offer a part-time program that allows working professionals to study web development without leaving work.
  • We provide access to a robust network of corporate partners.
  • Our curriculum is built based on the most in-demand technologies specific to the local market.